Sunday, 11 May 2008


Heyyyyy everyone.
If you've read the About AudiioDelite section on the right, you'll see that another thing I intend to do with this blog is upload self-made graphics for y'all to use. So I'm wondering...who would you like me to make icons of?

Please let me know in the comments section who you would like me to make 100x100 icons of for you to use. Be reasonable, this is an R&B I'm not gonna do any of Metallica's drummer or Hilary Clinton. =]

New Music: Danity Kane (Unreleased)

Download: She Can't Love You (LQ Snippet)

An AudiioDelite exclusive, ladies and gents! Yay!

She Can't Love You
, produced by Channel 7 (Ashanti, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J), is a leftover track from Danity Kane's record-breaking #1 sophmore album Welcome To The Dollhouse. All I can say is....wowww. I LOVE it. I've loved Danity Kane from the very beginning (I was watching the Premiere of Making the Band 3 Season 1 and I've been hooked on MTB ever!), but I gotta say they were really stupid to pass up a track like this..especially when it's produced by a legend like Channel 7. You may remember Channel 7 playing DK this track on Episode 5 of the latest season of MTB4. DK thought the song was too slow and depressing for the electro-pop dance vibe of their album.

Even though this is only a snippet, you can really get into it. The vocals are definitely on point. Rumour has it Diddy is gonna give the track to Cassie, which IMO is a big mistake. Her lackluster vocals could never top DK's.

New Music: Cherish

Download: Framed Out, Only One

Cherish are back with their sophmore album, The Truth, due out May 13th. Framed Out is one of the up-tempo, club destined tracks Cherish's listeners have become accustomed to.
Only One, produced by R&B extraordinaire Bryan Michael Cox, is my favorite song of Cherish's to date. It's a big step-up from the slow jams of Cherish's debut, Unappreciated. Their vocal harmonies are still immaculate as ever, but one improvement I would make would be letting someone other than Felisha sing on the track! (As an avid Cherish fan, I can tell their voices apart..Felisha is who you will usually hear singing lead on a Cherish joint.)

Overall, I think these tracks could (and probably will) serve as Cherish's 3rd and 4th singles.

New Music: Usher

Download: The Best Thing

Earlier I posted a snippet of The Best Thing, a Jermaine Dupri-produced cut from Usher's upcoming album Here I Stand. Now we have the full version, which doesn't feature Jay-Z as it was rumoured to. Weird thing is...a while back, Jermaine Dupri posted a video of himself, Usher and Jay in the studio working on this track. Maybe this isn't the final version... Anyway, The Best Thing is extremely reminiscent of Usher's 2004 monster album Confessions, which was primarily produced by Jermaine. It's something to keep the die-hard Usher fans satisfied, but it won't really "wow" new listeners. An album filler at best. Maybe my opinion will change if / when a version featuring Jay-Z leaks....we'll see.

New Music: Usher Snippets + 1 New Full Track

Download: This Ain't Sex (full), Echo (snippet), The Best Thing (snippet), Just Like Me (snippet), lol. A ton of new snippets from Usher's new album Here I Stand have leaked. First up, This Ain't Sex produced by Tricky Stewart and Jazze Pha, who also produced the very similar Just Fine by Mary J. Blige. This Ain't Sex is a bouncy, up-tempo, "cheerful" track, more child-friendly than recent cuts like the suggestive Trading Places and Dat Girl Right There (which, by the way, isn't on the official tracklisting...?).
Echo, produced by Bryan Michael Cox, and Just Like Me don't appear on the official tracklisting either. It kinda sucks that Usher spent so much time recording this record only to decide at the last minute that he didn't want half of the material on the album anyway.
The Best Thing, which features Jay-Z and is produced by Jermaine Dupri, is the strongest of these leaks IMO. Throwback to 2004's Confessions, which was produced mainly by Jermaine. Hopefully the full version will leak soon.

New Music: Nelly, Ciara & Jermaine Dupri

Download: Stepped On My J's

Stepped On My J's is a crazy joint from Nelly's upcoming album Brass Knuckles, out June 24th. I really didn't see this one comin'. Nelly and Ciara? Odd couple, but they work. The beat, courtesy of Jermaine, is CRAZY. Obviously it's too early to contemplate a second single from Brass Knuckles, 'cuz only a few tracks have leaked. But this song, IMO, could definitely be Nelly's next Grillz.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Returning from unexpected hiatus..!

Hey y'all!

So sorry I haven't been updating AT ALL over the past few weeks...I was in an unexpected hiatus. =P So screwed over by the ammount of school work and stuff...I just haven't had the time to update and give the site my full attention as I intend to from here on in.

Thanks for sticking with the blog and thankyou to those who expressed concern over my absence! =]